The first Exe Factor event at the start of this year proved to be a terrific opportunity to connect with other Exeter businesses. So here at Saltare we’re eagerly anticipating the next event, where we’ll be chatting with other Exeter businesses about how to get really high value from ever-increasing volumes of available data.

Everyone’s talking about big data, but have you ever heard of a ‘data lake’? That’s the term used to describe a repository that holds a vast amount of raw data until it’s needed. Data lakes are emerging everywhere, as more and more businesses strive to pool all the data flowing their way. And this includes small businesses. Because let’s face it – if you’re small, then a puddle can look like a lake! Its all relative. The problem with data lakes, is that if you can’t work out what to do with all those data, then sooner or later it’ll overflow. In reality, this equates to problems such as uncontrolled data loss, high data costs, data security issues, poor quality reporting, and so on. Naturally, the key to avoiding these problems and getting value rather than headaches from your data, is to shrewdly work out what data to use and how.

Exeter businesses are fantastically positioned to achieve great things with data. Why? Well firstly, large-scale technology providers have already responded to the challenges faced by multinational organisations, by spawning the right technology for the job. And secondly, the scale of the challenges faced by businesses in Exeter is often relatively small when viewed at a global scale, which means that Exeter businesses can cherry-pick from a rich variety of technology options for turning raw data into real business value.

Through our work with very-large global businesses such as Disney, Harrods, and IBM, Saltare knows how to align a business’s needs and goals with data and business intelligence technology, and at a fraction of the cost often laid down by large enterprises. At the May Exe Factor event, we’ll be describing more about what it means to be a truly intelligent business, and inviting Exeter businesses to use our help free-of-charge via the online Saltare Community.

Ultimately, Saltare is developing plans to enable Exeter to become the UK’s first National Centre of Business Intelligence Excellence. But we’ll talk more about that at the event, so come along to learn more!