The Exe Factor is a social enterprise that exists to make Exeter a better place to work and live in. It does this by sharing business expertise and helping those who need it the most. This help can be in the form of business or career support or financially.

The Exe Factor was created by founder Llewellyn Nicholls in 2016.  The initiative was launched as part of his business development role at leading Exeter digital agency Rokk Media.  The Exe Factor was launched to celebrate Exeter, bring good news to the forefront and to assist Exeter businesses to promote themselves.

In 2017 The Exe Factor developed into a social enterprise.  It generates funds through business networking events, networking seminars, sponsorship, membership and other avenues.  This funding then gets re-invested back into the organisation and helps to fund initiatives which help to make Exeter businesses better.

The Exe Factor also supports those looking to establish their career, by giving them support, advice and funding where possible and if that is the best option.

The Exe Factor will also support local charities that share similar values and goals.